A Friday Presentation: Spring Show

Collaborative Paintings by Bill Hoover and Annie Brugenhemke
New Works by Bill Hoover

Join Hoover Studios for an evening of art and community

Friday, May 30th from 6pm – 9pm.

*The exhibition will be on display through June 20th, 2014. Please contact Hoover Studios to schedule a viewing. 

Hoover Studios at The Mastercraft Building
1111 N. 13th St. #120
Omaha, NE 68102

TightropeArtists interpret, process, and comprehend the world and themselves through the individual action of making art. So what happens when two artists with completely different backgrounds, artistic styles, and processes come together to collaborate on the same page? Bill Hoover and Annie Brugenhemke worked together during the spring of 2014, and discovered that both their similarities and differences, manifested in layers of paint, pastels, graphite, and paper, were complementary in surprising ways. Brugenhemke, an artist and yoga instructor, has a style that would be best described as organic, sensual, and dynamic; there is a certain amount of controlled chaos that emanates from every page. Hoover generates grounded, purposeful lines that mold into figurative elements and shapes that turn into memorable characters; when combined, the paintings shine with the interplay and tension that resounds when artists are pulled from their comfort zones into the creative space of collaboration.

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